WonderLab's Mission

Bringing out a sense of wonder in children around the world.

WonderLab Inc. CEO Kei Kawashima

Founder’s Story

WonderLab Inc. CEO

Kei Kawashima

Upon graduating from the University of Tokyo, Kei pursued his passion for education and has been actively involved in teaching, curriculum design and content creation. Through almost 20 years of experience working across the world, Kei accumulated a deep understanding of K-12 education. While working closely with children, he discovered the 3 key elements of "feel, think, create" when it comes to successful early childhood education. To help more children realize their full potential, he developed Think!Think! in order to "bring out a sense of wonder" in them, therefore helping them acquire critical thinking skills, a crucial skill required in the future.

The concept behind Think!Think is to foster kids' critical thinking skills in an educational and entertaining way. With more than 200,000 users worldwide, Think!Think! has received numerous accolades and has been proven effective by educational professionals.

About Creation Team

WonderLab team members come from a diverse background.
What we share in common is our passion for education,
love for kids and aspiration for creating the world's best content.
Our contents are created by experts in:

K-12 Education

12 Education

Critical thinking

Critical thinking



UX/UI Design


Selected Team Members

WonderLab is an EdTech (Education Technology) company that develops
entertaining STEAM learning materials for children across the world.