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Introducing School Edition of Think!Think!, an app loved by 150 countries around the world.
Develop your critical thinking skills with 100 kinds of amazingly fun
puzzles and shapes with over 15,000 quizzes.

Intuitive Operation & Gamification

Intuitive & interactive operations allows children to easily pick up the rules themselves and be willing to learn.
Furthermore, by combining Hanamaru Group’s knowledge on early childhood learning, children can enjoy learning through exciting experiences as if being in a “game”.

1 Go - 3 Mins.
Match the problem to the child

Easy to use during time pockets as each question has a designed limit of 3 minutes. To maintain high levels of motivation, the level of difficulty of a problem is altered in real time to match the child’s level.

Combined with maths,
the level of understanding is increased

Think!Think! has a wealth of content closely related to mathematical subjects.
Focusing on graphical figures where image processing power is required, a mathematical thinking sense is developed. It is expected that further combination with mathematics will serve to improve understanding further.

Sample problems

Spatial recognition
Spatial recognition
Will it fit?
Shape comprehension
Lucky balloon
Spatial recognition
Sword Swipe
Spatial recognition
Turbo Spin
Numeral processing
How Many Extra?

School Edition Features


100+ Problem Types
to be enjoyed freely

Choose the problem to play at leisure from 5 topics: Spatial recognition, shape comprehension, trial & error, logic & mathematical processing. This can be combined with mathematical lesson with specific topics.


Time effectiveness with
optimal number of plays

Unlike the home version of Think!Think! The number of plays are limitless. ThinkThink makes use of time gaps between morning study and individual study. Alternatively, Think!Think! can also be the focus of lessons. It’s possible to set the number of optimal plays depending on the situation.


See Progress
on the Dashboard

By using the dashboard available for teachers via a web browser, you can keep track of children’s scores and submissions.Comment on children’s progress like personal bests and assemble future problems as the dashboard easily makes this information available for each problem.

Effect on
Academic Performance

National Assessment Test (Math)
Mean Deviation

IQ Test
Average Score

Effect on non-cognitive ability

ThinkThink Demo test (Cambodia)
  • ・Target audience:1636 elementary students(Grades 1~4)
  • ・Evaluation Period:3 months (extended survey for 8 months thereafter)
  • ・Comparison of Think!Think! implementation Group with the Control Group

Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management
External evaluation conducted by Makiko Nakamuro
(Book: Economics of Academic Ability)

Cases of introducing
Think!Think! School Edition

  • Formed an alliance with Mie Prefecture’s Prefectural Board of Education & introduced Think!Think! to 20 schools (2017~)
  • Introduced Think!Think! as part of “Morning learning” to public elementary schools in Kitaaiki Village, Nagano Prefecture & Takeo City, Saga Prefecture (2015~)
  • Introduced Think!Think! to Katayama Gakuen Private Elementary School as part of “Module learning” (2019~)
  • Introduced Think!Think! to the Hanamaru Group as part of the Critical Thinking Class (2015~)
  • Introduced Think!Think! to 5 Cambodian Schools as part of Critical Thinking Education, a project commissioned by JICA (2018~)

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