Terms of Service

The terms of service is made here to stipulate the service conditions on a smartphone and tablet application, “Think! Think!” (hereinafter referred to as “this application”), which has been developed by WonderLab (hereinafter referred to as “this company”), between individuals using this service (hereinafter referred to as “users”) and this company.

1. Definitions

The terms of service uses the following terms:

  • “This service” refers to the whole information which this company provides including sentences, sound, music, images, animations, software, programs, codes, and other information.
  • “This agreement” refers to an agreement to be concluded between this company and users in terms of using this service in accordance with the terms of service and other documents
  • “This content” refers to a learning material to be provided by this company with users through this application.
  • An “individual content” refers to an individual question to be prepared for users.
  • “Users” refer to individuals using this content in accordance with the terms of service hereunder.
  • A “store” refers to a service to be used such as the play store, the App Store and the like to allow users to install this application by this company or to charge users by this company in terms of using this content.
  • “Subscription Plans” such as “Free Plan”, “Standard Plan”, and “Premium Plan” refers to content packages provided by this company in this application to the users.

2. Agreement on terms of service

  • In using this application and the service relating to it (hereinafter referred to as ”this service”), users shall agree to the terms of service before its usage without fail. When users have used the whole or part of this service, they shall be deemed to agree to the terms of service herein, other terms of service, guidelines and the like which have been stipulated by this company (hereinafter referred to as “various terms of services”).
  • If users are minority/underage, they shall obtain an agreement from an individual in parental rights or a legal representative (including an agreement to the terms of service) before its usage. If users who were underage at the time of concluding an agreement to the terms of service use this service after reaching ones’ majority, they shall be deemed to make ratification in terms of act of using this service during ones’ minority.
  • Users, in general, shall be individuals (with the exception of individuals engaging in educational business or IT business). When groups such as corporations, unions, clubs, and the like, or individuals engaging in educational business and IT business (hereinafter referred to as “corporations and the like”) start using this service, applicable corporations and the like shall notify this company of purpose of usage and items stipulated separately by this company before its usage, and shall obtain acceptance from this company.
  • If the stipulation in the terms of service is different from the stipulation of various terms of services, the stipulation in the terms of service shall be given a higher priority.
  • This company shall be allowed to revise the terms of service and various terms of services anytime whenever this company determines its necessity. The revised terms of service and various terms of services shall be effective at the time of being posted on appropriate place in this application or any website run by this company. When users use this application after the terms of service and various terms of services are revised, users shall be deemed to agree to the revised terms of service and various terms of services.

3. Empowerment of right of using this service

This company shall empower the right of using this service and this content with no rights of transfer and sublicense, and nonproprietary to users in accordance with the content of the terms of service.

4. Usage and provision of this content

  • Installation
    Users shall install this application via stores.
  • Account registration
    Users shall register information through the procedures designated by this company and be required to set up own accounts before this content.
  • Initiation of using this content
    This content shall be available after agreeing to the Terms of Service and creating an account.
  • Number of users
    Up to six 6. users shall be allowed to use this content for one 1. created account by registering a user’s information in this application. The maximum number of users per account shall depend on the subscription plan chosen by the user. Premium Plan subscribers shall be allowed to register up to six 6. users per account, Standard Plan subscribers and Special Free Plan subscribers shall be allowed to register up to three 3. users per account, and Free Plan subscribers shall be allowed to register up to one 1. user. In the case that more than one user is registered, usage of this content or this service by each user shall be deemed as joint usage by each user and users.
  • Content of this content and means of provision
    This content shall be provided by multiple categories in response to question contents or question formats. This company may control or designate the following items in providing this content according to the terms of the users’ Subscription Plan and from the viewpoint of promoting users’ thinking ability and educational benefit:
    1. Answering time for individual content
    2. Number of usages per day
    3. Question genre
    4. Adjustment of question contents in response to the usage history per a user
  • Other
    1. Users shall be responsible for preparing required devices, telecommunication equipment, operation systems, means of communication, electricity and the like at their own expense and responsibilities in using this service. If users are minority/underage, they shall use such devices which an individual in parental rights or a legal representative permits them to use.
    2. This company shall be allowed to revise the whole or part of this service and this content (including rules, designs, visual effects and other items) without a prior notification to customers, and cancel its provision anytime whenever this company determines its necessity.
    3. This company shall be allowed to limitedly provide individuals who shall meet conditions required by this company such as age, necessities of identity verification and registration, and other items with this service.

5. Usage fee and payment process

  • The usage fees for the contents of this application shall be displayed within the application, listed by subscription plan.
  • Users shall pay the usage fee stipulated by any paid subscription plan offered in our application, in accordance with the regulation stipulated by stores.
  • Even if users uninstall this application, this agreement and monthly payments for the subscription plan shall not be terminated. If users desire to terminate their subscription payments, they shall follow the procedure separately stipulated by stores.
  • This company shall not refund any usage fees in the event that the user terminates their usage of the application, for example, by uninstalling the application, before a month has elapsed since they purchased their subscription plan.
  • When installing this application and using this content, the fee of this content and mobile data fees shall separately be charged. The mobile data fees shall be paid by users.
  • If disputes due to no direct relation to this company arise between users and stores in terms of the payment of usage fee of this content, users and stores shall settle them and this company shall assume no responsibility.
  • When minor/under-aged users use this content, they shall be deemed to obtain agreement from a guardian or an individual in parental rights once this contract has been agreed to.
  • This company may temporarily revise the usage fee of this content and the content of usage without a prior notification to users due to reasons such as campaigns. This company shall not compensate the difference due to the temporary revision.

6. Term of agreement and subscription plans, cancellation procedure

  • Term of agreement
    This agreement shall not establish its term. The usable term of this content shall conform to the stipulation by stores.
  • Cancellation procedure for paid subscription plans
    Users can cancel their paid monthly subscription plans by following the procedure stipulated in the stores. After cancellation, users will be automatically transferred to the Free Plan.
  • Refund of usage fee
    The usage fee of this content shall not be refund in whatever case with the exceptions of cases where refunds shall be made in accordance with laws and regulations. For cases where refunds shall be made in accordance with laws and regulations, this company shall officially announce the refund method and the like by listing them on an official website and the like, and proceed the refund procedure in accordance with laws and regulations.

7. Terms of use/Indemnification

  • Advertisement
    This company shall be allowed to post advertisements of this company or the third party in this service.
  • Users shall not be allowed to use this content exceeding the scheduled mode of usage of this service (including behaviors such as replication, transmission, reprint and modification).
  • Users shall be responsible for using this service or making each user use this service at their own responsibilities, and for all behaviors of each user and those results.
  • If this company subjects to be damaged by users’ usage of this service (including claims from the third party due to the usage relating to this company) and by any direct or indirect damages (including imposition of legal fee), users shall follow requests of this company and immediately indemnify such damages.
  • This company shall not explicitly and implicitly guarantee no practical and legal defects (defects such as safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, compatibility for specific purposes, and security, errors and bugs and infringement) in this service (including this content). This company shall not be obliged to remove such defects and provide users with this service.
  • This company shall not be obliged to any damages to be arose to users due to this service. However, this indemnification shall not be applied if this agreement is concluded as consumer agreement stipulated in the Consumer Contract Act.
  • Even if cases where are stipulated in the previous proviso, this company shall not be obliged to any responsibilities for damages arising to users from specific circumstances (including damages which this company or users anticipate the damage to be arose or the damage which can be anticipated) out of damages arising due to nonfulfillment of financial obligations arising to users from this company’s fault (excluding critical fault) or illegal acts.
  • When this company shall indemnify users or damages arising to users due to nonfulfillment of financial obligations or illegal acts arising from this company’s fault (excluding critical fault), the upper limit of usage fee receiving from users in a month arising a particular damage shall be indemnified.

8. Prohibited activity

  • Users shall not be allowed to exchange this content for cash and the like in whatever cases.
  • The following activities shall be prohibited in terms of this service:
    1. Activity against the terms of services and various terms of services
    2. Copy and replication of this content.
    3. Activity infringe this company’s authority and the third party’s right in terms of this service (including reverse engineering of this application).
    4. Direct or indirect profit-making activity, commercial activity and other equivalent activities by using the part or whole of this service.
    5. Unauthorized access such as intentionally using defectives in this service, activity in repeatedly asking similar or same inquiries more than necessary and activity impeding or hindering the usage of this service by this service administration or the third party and activity with such possibilities
    6. Activity supporting or promoting illegal acts against the terms of service (including prohibited activities in this clause)
    7. Activity against laws and regulations or activity with such possibility
    8. Other activities which are determined as inappropriate by this company.

9. Discontinuation of usage/Forteiture of qualification

  • This company shall be allowed to discontinue the provision of this service to users in the following cases:
    1. Cases where users do not pay the usage fee of this content.
    2. Cases where users violate the terms of service or various terms of services.
    3. Cases where users violate laws and regulations or ordinances.
    4. Cases where users perform other illegal acts.
  • If this company suspends, terminates or discontinues the provision of this service to users, this company shall not refund the part or whole of the usage fee for this content due to such reasons.

10. Relationship with partnership companies

  • This service may include service or content provided by companies other than this company. Companies providing such shall be obliged to responsibilities for applicable service or content.
  • The terms of service or other conditions which are stipulated by companies providing such service or content may apply to the usage of such service or content.
  • If users use this service in the OS provided by Apple Inc.(hereinafter referred to as “Apple”)or other smart devices, the following stipulations shall be applied:
    1. Apple shall not be obliged to product liability, violation of intellectual property rights and claims made by users or the third party in accordance with the Consumer Protection Fundamental Law.
    2. In accordance with the terms of services for ITune Store, this company shall grant the non-exclusive and non-transferable right of usage only to users who download and use this application with personal and non-profit purposes.
    3. Apple shall not provide users with maintenance and support for this service.
    4. Even if damages arise due to this service, Apple shall refund the usage fee only and not be obliged to any compensation in legally allowable coverage.
    5. Even if users receive claims or requests in accordance with any violations of laws and regulations in terms of this service or the usage of this service by users, claims or requests to Apple shall not be filed. In this case, this company shall be notified of such matter.
    6. This company shall announce and guarantee that users do not reside in proscribed counties of the US government or designates countries as state sponsors of terrorism by the US government, and users are not listed in any prohibition or control lists made by the US government.
    7. Users shall conform to contracts with the third party (such as a contract with telecommunication carriers) in terms of the usage of this service.
    8. Users shall accept that Apple and its subsidiary companies are beneficiaries of this agreement as the third party, and acceptance of articles in this agreement by users causes that Apple shall be allowed to own the right to force users to this agreement as the third party beneficiary (or shall be deemed to accept the right).

11. Protection of privacy information

This company shall treat users’ privacy information appropriately in accordance with the “WonderLab Privacy Policy”.

12. Contact and communication

Communications with users from this company shall be made by posting the information in the appropriate place on the website of this service or this company, and other appropriate methods which this company determines.
Users shall contact us to the following contact information regarding inquiries on this service. Users shall send a contact form or conform to a method designated by this company.
【Corporate name】 WonderLab Inc.
【Headquarter address】Tokyo Biru Bld.6F, 3-32-7, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
【Contact information】 (Mail)

13. Dispute

The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction when disputes arise between this company and users. The governing law in such cases shall be Japanese law.

14. Effective date/Revised date

Effective as of March 12th, 2016
Revised as of March 3rd, 2017
Revised as of August 6th, 2018
Revised as of February12th, 2020


本条款针对奇妙工坊株式会社(以下简称为“本公司”。)所提供的面向与平板电脑与 智能手机APP“Think!Think!”(以下简称为“本APP”。)的使用条件,在使用本项服务 的人士(以下简称为“使用人”。)与本公司之间予以规定。

1. 定义


  • “本项服务”指的是本公司通过本APP而提供的文章、音频、音乐、图片、动画、软 件、程序、代码及其他的整体信息。
  • “本合同”指的是依照本条款及其他书面协议,针对本项服务的使用,在本公司与使 用人之间签订的协议。
  • “本项信息”指的是本公司通过本APP向使用人提供的教材。
  • “个別信息”指的是用户提出的个別问题。
  • “用户”指的是在同意本条款基础上,使用本项信息的人士。
  • “商店”指的是类似于play商店或者App Store等,本公司允许使用人安装本APP或对 本项信息的使用予以收费的服务。
  • “套餐”包含“免费套餐”,“基础套餐”,“高级套餐”等,指本公司通过本App为用户们 提供的服务内容。

2. 对条款的同意

  • 在使用本APP及其相关服务(以下简称为“本项服务”。)时,必须先同意本项使用条 款,而后方可使用。使用人在使用全部或部分的本项服务时,视为使用人同意了本 条款以及本公司规定的其他条款、指针等(以下简称为“各项使用条款等”。)。
  • 如果使用人为未成年人时,必须取得监护人等法定代理人的同意(含对本条款的同 意),而后方可使用本项服务。在同意了本条款时,曾经作为未成年人的使用人在 成年后而使用了本项服务时,将视为对其作为未成年人时的使用行为予以了追认。
  • 使用人原则上必须为个人(从事教育或者IT方面事业的人士除外)。属于法人、合 伙人、小组等的团体或者个人,并从事教育或者IT方面的事业的人士(以下简称为 “法人等”。)如果打算使用本项服务时,该位法人等在使用本项服务的使用前,必 须就使用目的以及本公司另行规定的其他事项联系本公司并得到本公司的同意。
  • 本条款的规定与各项使用条款等的规定存在差异时,将优先采用本条款的规定。
  • 本公司在认为有必要时可以随时更改本条款及其各项使用条款等。变更后的本条款 及其各项使用条款等在张贴到本APP或本公司所运行的网站内的适当位置时生效, 在更改了本条款及其各项使用条款等之后,使用人使用了本APP时,视为使用人同 意了变更后的本条款及其各项使用条款等。

3. 本项服务使用权限的赋予等

本公司依照本合同内容,向使用人赋予针对本项服务及其本项信息的不能转让与再 次许可的非独家使用权。

4. 本项信息的使用与提供

  • 安装
  • 账户注册
    使用人在使用本项信息时,需要通过本公司规定的格式表格注册信息并创建账 户。
  • 本项信息的启用
  • 使用人数量
    使用人通过在本App上完成用户注册,在每个创建账户上最多可以由6位用户使用 或使其使用本项信息。1个账户上可以创建的最大用户数根据用户所选择的套餐决 定。高级套餐中一个账户最多可以有6位用户,基础套餐以及免费套餐(特别版)中 1个账户最多可以有3位用户,免费套餐中1个账户最多可以有1位用户。有2位以上用 户使用的情况下,各个用户使用本项信息乃至本项服务时,视为各个用户及其使用 人进行了共同使用。
  • 本项信息的内容及其提供方法
    本项信息的提供按照出题内容与出题形式等,分为多个范畴予以提供。本公司从 培养用户的思考能力或培训效果的观点以及各个套餐的宗旨出发,在本项信息的提 供上有时可能会对以下事项进行限制或者指定等。
    1. 对个別信息的答复时间
    2. 每天的使用次数
    3. 出题范畴
    4. 每个用户的使用记录方面的出题内容等的调整
  • 其他
    1. 使用人在使用本项服务时,必须自行承担费用并负责准备必要的元器件、通讯设 备、操作系统、通讯手段及其电力等。使用人为未成年人时,其监护人等法定代 理人必须同意其予以使用。
    2. 本公司在认为有必要时,可以不经对客户的事前通知,随时对本项服务及其本项信 息的全部或部分内容(含规则、设计、音频视频文件等所有的其他事项)进行变 更,或者可以中止服务的提供。
    3. 本公司仅向能够满足年龄、有无本人确认、有无注册信息等本公司认为有其必要的 相应条件的人士提供本项服务。

5. 使用费及其决算方法

  • 本项信息的使用费用,根据套餐不同,将表示在本APP内。
  • 使用人在使用收费套餐时,按照商店的规定支付前款规定的使用费。
  • 使用收费项目的使用人即使卸载了本APP也要支付本合同及其每月使用费的收费。使 用人打算停止付费时,必须另行办理商店规定的手续。
  • 使用人在支付了本项信息使用费后的1个月以内如果卸载了本APP等并停止了本项信 息的使用时,本公司将不会向使用人返还本项信息的使用费。
  • 在安装本APP及其使用本项信息时,除了支付本项信息费用外,还要另行支付通讯费 用。该项通讯费用由使用人承担。
  • 在支付本项信息使用费时,因与本公司无关的事由在使用人与商店之间产生了纠纷时 ,该项矛盾在使用人与商店之间解决,本公司不承担任何责任。
  • 未成年人在使用本项信息时,在完成了使用费的支付阶段视为得到了保护人或者监护 人的同意。
  • 本公司会因为举办商业宣传活动等理由而在不事前告知会使用人的情况下对本项信息 的使用费及其使用内容进行临时变更。此时,本公司不会对发生的差额予以填补。

6. 合同有效期及收费套餐的解约

  • 合同有效期
  • 收费套餐的解约
  • 使用费的返还
    本项信息使用费除非法令要求返还,否则在任何情形下都不予返还。因法令规定而需 要返还时,本公司会在网站等介质予以刊登或采取其他方法,对返还方法等予以公示 ,并依照法令要求办理返还手续。

7. 使用条件与免责

  • 广告
  • 使用人不能超出本项服务预定的使用形态而使用(含复制、发送、转载、修改等行 为)本项信息。
  • 使用人在使用本项服务或者让各个用户使用时需要自负其责,在本项服务上,针对 自己或者各个用户的所有行为及其后果承担一切责任。
  • 使用人因使用本项服务(包括本公司因该项使用而遭到第三方的索赔时)、而造成 本公司直接或者间接蒙受任何损失(含律师费用)时,在本公司发出请求后,使 用人必须立即予以赔偿。
  • 本公司不对不存在本项服务(含本项信息)在事实上或法律上的瑕疵(含安全性、 可靠性、正确性、完整性、有效性、对特定目的的相符性、安全性等方面的缺 陷、出错或软件漏洞、侵权等)进行任何明示或暗示保证。本公司没有义务对使 用人承担在消除该项瑕疵后提供本项服务的义务。
  • 本公司不对因使用本项服务而造成使用人或者用户的任何损失承担任何责任。但是 ,在本合同形成消费者合同法规定的消费者合同时,将不适用这一免责规定。
  • 尽管作有前款规定的但书,本公司不对因本公司的过失(重大的过失除外)而造成 的债务不履行或者因不法行为而造成的使用人或者用户的损失中的特殊情况造成 的损失(含本公司、使用人或者用户预见到的或可以预见的损失的发生)承担任 何责任。
  • 因本公司的过失(重大的过失除外)而导致债务不履行或者因不法行为而造成使用 人或者用户的损失时,其赔偿金额以本公司收到的使用人在该月缴付的使用费作 为上限金额。

8. 禁止行为

  • 使用人在任何情形下都不能将本项信息进行现金折算等。
  • 在本项服务上将禁止以下的任何行为。
    1. 违反本使用条款及其各项使用条款等的行为;
    2. 对本项信息的复印或复制行为;
    3. 在本项服务上侵害本公司或第三方权利的行为(含本APP的逆向工程);
    4. 使用全部或部分的本项服务,直接或者间接谋利的行为、商业行为、其他被视 为相应行为的行为;
    5. 故意利用本项服务的缺陷漏洞而进行非法访问的行为、对类似或同等的咨询予 以不必要的反复咨询的行为等、妨碍或影响本项服务的运行或者第三方使用本 项服务的行为或者有其可能性的行为;
    6. 支持或助长违反本使用条款的行为(含本条的禁止行为);
    7. 违反法令或者有其违法可能性的行为;
    8. 本公司认为不适当的其他行为。

9. 停用、资格的丧失

  • 本公司在以下情形下可以向使用人停止本项服务的提供。
    1. 使用人不支付本项信息使用费时;
    2. 违反了本使用条款及其各项使用条款等时;
    3. 违反了法令或条例时;
    4. 存在其他的不正当行为时。
  • 本公司在向使用人中断、停止、废除本项服务的提供时,不会向使用人返还本项信 息的全部或部分的使用费。

10. 与合作厂家的关系

  • 本项服务有时还包括由本公司以外的其他厂家提供的服务或信息。针对该项服务等 的有关责任,将由服务提供商负责;
  • 在该项服务与信息的使用上,有时将会适用提供该项服务的厂家规定的使用条款及 其他条件;
  • 使用人在使用Apple Inc.(以下简称为“苹果公司”。)提供的操作系统、采用其智能 元器件而使用本项服务时,将适用以下的规定:
    1. 苹果公司针对基于产品责任法、知识产权侵权、消费者保护法等的索赔等,不对 本项服务方面的使用人或者第三方的索赔等承担任何责任;
    2. 本公司仅依照ITunes Store服务使用条款的规定,对以个人性质、非赢利目的而 下载本APP并予以使用的使用人赋予非独家的、不可转让的使用权;
    3. 苹果公司不对本项服务提供维护或支持服务;
    4. 因本项服务而造成了损失时,苹果公司仅会返还使用费,不会在法律允许的范围 内承担所有的损失赔偿义务;
    5. 本项服务或者使用人在使用本项服务时,即使使用人因任何违法行为等而收到了 基于这一行为的索赔或投诉,也不能向苹果公司发出索赔或投诉。此时,必须 通知本公司;
    6. 使用人不得居住在美国政府采取了禁运措施的对象国家或者被美国政府列明为支 持恐怖主义的国家,另外使用人必须声明保证自己没有被登记在美国政府的任 何禁止或限制黑名单上;
    7. 使用人在使用本项服务上,必须遵守与第三方之间签订的合同(与通讯服务提供 商的合同等);
    8. 使用人承诺:苹果公司及其子公司为本合同的第三方受益人、通过使用人对本合 同条款的承诺,苹果公司作为第三方受益人拥有对使用人采取本合同的强制执 行权利(另外,被视为对权利的承诺)。

11. 个人信息的保护

本公司针对使用人及其用户的个人隐私信息,将依照“奇妙工坊个人信息保护方针”进 行适当的操作处理。

12. 联系方式

本公司联系使用人时的联系方式将依照本项服务或本公司所运行网站内的适当位置张 贴的联系方式执行,或者依照本公司认为适当的其他方法执行。
使用人针对本项服务的咨询请联系以下的地址。针对咨询方式、咨询表格发送等,请 依照本公司的指定方法执行。
【法人名称】 奇妙工坊株式会社
【总公司地址】 東京都文京区本郷3丁目32-7 東京ビル6階
【联系方式】 (Mail)

13. 纠纷

当本公司与使用人之间产生任何纠纷时,将以东京地方裁判所作为专属协议管辖法 院。此时,将依照日本的法律执行。

14. 施行日期、修改日期

2016年3月12日 施行
2017年3月3日 修改
2018年8月6日 修改
2020年2月12日 修改